Diane von Furstenberg | Fall 2018 RTW

At DVF, the label’s creator, Diane von Furstenberg, introduced a new (and returning) designer — Nathan Jenden — and a new muse for the brand: her 18-year-old granddaughter, Talita von Furstenberg, who modeled an outfit from the new collection and pronounced it “really cool” to embark on her new role.


Von Furstenberg, 71, made a pointed reference to the #MeToo movement in remarks to the crowd at her downtown showroom.


“I just wanted to say that with everything that’s happening with women right now … I personally am more committed than ever to empowering women,” she said. “And this is really important because the DVF collection has always been about being a woman in charge — in charge of her life, in charge of who she sleeps with, in charge of what she does. She’s in the driver’s seat.”
Jenden addressed the crowd as well, saying his designs were “all about being brave, about being unapologetically a woman, about celebrating femininity … this is an homage to Diane, it’s an homage to Talita, it’s an homage to all women.”


Jenden had just four weeks to work on the collection, but the results of his efforts will be recognizable to anyone who knows the brand history. Wrap dresses were much in evidence, and the trouser suits were 1970s vintage (a bit too vintage, to be honest). Season to season, there was a stronger emphasis on archival prints; a graphic cube was rendered large and small, most notably on a jersey tunic-and-flares set that they’re calling a “DVF tracksuit.” Von Furstenberg and Jenden also gave a lot of play to a colorful parrot print. “She likes it when print moves,” he said, pointing to a pleated dress that spliced the parrot motif with solid red.


Fall 2018 RTW


February 12, 2018


Fall, NYFW