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Tackling Global Shipping Challenges, Before They Begin

No matter how large or small your enterprise may be, when it comes to shipping products internationally, key challenges often arise. Fortunately, with some anticipation, planning and the application of smart solutions, you can get out in front of these challenges and ensure your international customers remain loyal and ongoing operations are as problem-free as possible.

The Three Pillars of Email Segmentation: Merchandise, Customer Demand and Creative

When it comes to segmenting your current and potential customers in your email marketing campaigns, are you doing enough?

Although as many as 15% of companies’ ecommerce sales may come through emails, nearly three quarters of companies report that they aren’t segment marketing as much as they could because they lack the insight, automation or creative bandwidth to create multiple email versions (according to polls from Custora, a predictive marketing platform software). But luckily, by paying attention to three pillars of segmentation—Merchandise, Customer Demands and Creative—companies can balance the demands of targeted marketing with the chance to better drive sales by showing customers what they really want.

Marketing During Ramadan

The month of Ramadan, which this year began on the evening of June 17, offers the world's 1.6 billion Muslims opportunity for religious reflection. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan commemorates the initial revelation of the Quran to Muhammad and is marked by fasting from the breaking of dawn through the setting of the sun. Those who observe Ramadan recognize the month as a time of self-restraint and spiritual emphasis.

The Latin American Ecommerce Opportunity

Online retailers seeking to expand their international presence would do well to set their sights to Latin America now. The region is currently boarding the on-ramp to what forecasters see as a steep ecommerce growth curve ahead. In fact, Forrester Research estimates combined ecommerce revenue in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico will increase from $20 billion in 2013 to $47 billion in 2018.

Trade Promotion Authority: No More Double Duty for e-Retailers

In Washington, a rare moment of bipartisan agreement is building in support of Trade Promotion Authority (TPA), a bill that would help to “fast track” trade agreements by granting them an up-or-down Congressional vote. The complex approach that this existing regulation currently takes to the re-importation of goods into our country is outdated, unfairly burdensome and creates unnecessary headwinds for our economic growth. It creates an uneven playing field that hurts online retailers at the exact moment we should be helping them to lead our economy into the future—and it should be amended.

Singapore Ecommerce Report (2015)

Singapore’s strong economy and wealth boom has driven greater consumption of high-end goods. Combine their love of luxury, plentiful dollars to spend, strong Internet infrastructure and familiarity with English, it’s no surprise that Singapore’s shoppers spend more than 50% of their online dollars across borders.