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To Segment Successfully, Know Where International Visitors Are Coming From

To truly welcome international visitors and keep them on the site long enough to shop—and better yet, to buy—you need to treat them differently based on where they’re coming from. The better you can segment your customers based on their origin, the better you can convert them to loyal customers. Here are the three key questions to ask about each unique visitor to your website.

Why Online Retailers Should Pay Attention to Pinterest

By now, the ecommerce benefits of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are well known, having become an integral part of online retailers’ strategies. Better yet, retailers have figured out how to convert followers into customers, with nearly one in three Facebook users making a purchase after liking, sharing or commenting on a post according to a survey from Vision Critical. But what about the visual bookmarking tool Pinterest? Does pinning a coveted item on a mood board then move that customer to purchase that item? What do international retailers need to know about adding Pinterest to their social media platform strategy?

Simplifying Cross-Border Retail: Growing Global 2015

From the smallest ecommerce merchant to the largest big box chains, retailers of all sizes and from all countries are starting to recognize the significant global ecommerce opportunity. Many retailers are working with partners to make inroads, including international parcel carriers, third-party technology vendors, and global marketplaces.

Tackling Global Shipping Challenges, Before They Begin

No matter how large or small your enterprise may be, when it comes to shipping products internationally, key challenges often arise. Fortunately, with some anticipation, planning and the application of smart solutions, you can get out in front of these challenges and ensure your international customers remain loyal and ongoing operations are as problem-free as possible.

The Three Pillars of Email Segmentation: Merchandise, Customer Demand and Creative

When it comes to segmenting your current and potential customers in your email marketing campaigns, are you doing enough?

Although as many as 15% of companies’ ecommerce sales may come through emails, nearly three quarters of companies report that they aren’t segment marketing as much as they could because they lack the insight, automation or creative bandwidth to create multiple email versions (according to polls from Custora, a predictive marketing platform software). But luckily, by paying attention to three pillars of segmentation—Merchandise, Customer Demands and Creative—companies can balance the demands of targeted marketing with the chance to better drive sales by showing customers what they really want.