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Ecommerce in Russia: Borderfree Country Report

Russia scores 4 out of 5 possible carts on the BFI index, and is an essential component of any global ecommerce strategy. In 2013, Russia was Borderfree’s 5th largest cross-border market and leading emerging market. Its 71 million online users, just 50% of the population, represent the largest internet base in Europe. 

Ecommerce in China: Borderfree Country Report

China scores 2.5 out of 5 possible carts on the BFI index. With the world’s largest internet user base, second largest ecommerce market, and the biggest day of online sales ever recorded (2012 Single’s Day was more than double Cyber Monday!) – China ecommerce is nevertheless still in its nascency, and headline-grabbing trends have not yet translated into cross-border ecommerce volumes.

10 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates for International Shoppers

Even if overseas visitors account for only a fraction of your total traffic, every sale matters. And as demand grows around the world, international sales will matter more than ever. To capitalize on the opportunities in today’s global economy, you’ve got to make sure you’re closing sales effectively no matter where your shoppers are coming from. These ten tips will help. 

The New Global Ecommerce Landscape

The latest numbers from eMarketer make it clear that the boom in ecommerce—which surged 21.9 percent last year to more than one trillion dollars in global sales—is especially strong in international markets. Asia-Pacific is poised to pass North America in 2013 as the world’s leading region for online sales,